Michael Jackson once said “Dancing is all about expressing your attitude” and what a wise comment he made.

The History:

Versatile, a popular dance troupe born from the ashes of a barely known dance troupe ‘The Unique Stars’.

Versatile kicked it off in April 2003 at the popular Milagres Fete and though it was their first time together on stage, they created such an impact that left the audience breathless. One clear statement made that day was Versatile is here to stay and so…they did.

The Package:

‘Versatile’ – the name in itself describes the attributes of its performers. Versatile at dancing is one characteristic every modern dance troupe wants to be tagged along with but very few achieve that glory. The dance troupe ‘Versatile’ is one of the few. The definition of Versatility for this dance troupe is in regards to the various specialties in dancing. They are in position to offer ‘Versatile’ is specialized in:

1. As our highest priority we have a sequence dedicated to Michael Jackson. The numbers that we perform to this legendary artist are; “Dangerous” (with an action based act) and “Thriller” (with a spooky theme to it).

2. Hip – hop is a genre tat we have specialized in and being the only troupe in Goa do to this type of music, we are in a condition to cater to the market exclusively. There are numerous tracks on we perform this style; such as “Yeah” (by Usher), “Scandalous” (by Mis-Teeq), “Tokyo Drift” (by Teriyaki Boyz)), “Let the music Play” (by Shamur) and many more.

3. Salsa is a dance which involves the blend of passion and soul. We have understood that criteria and have mastered this art. As an added attraction we have made our salsa sequence unique by giving it a pinch of Hip-hop. We can practically dance to any of the salsa tracks in general, but have exclusive tracks to the Salsa – Hip Hop fusion.

4. Ballroom Dancing: The true ballroom quality dancing is specialized by very few. Versatile took this style as a challenge and now can outperform most of the performers in this particular dancing style.

5. Bollywood and Indi pop – like every established dance troupe in the country we have dance sequences in our variety which relives the bollywood aroma wherever perform. Zinda, Deedar de, Dhoom, Beedi, Babuji, etc are some of the tracks which we have adopted.

6. Romantic (Love) theme – this is an exclusive package that we provide for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Engagements, Weddings, etc. It is done with a whole lot of passion, that the audience just cant help but get into the romantic mood. Tracks that we perform these sequences to are, “From this moment”, “Sometimes”, “Love is Alive”, etc.

7. Social Message Theme – our first break through in this section was at the ‘World AIDS Day’ Concert 2005, Goa, where we brought together 20 dancers towards this cause. After that there has been no looking back. ‘WISE’ concert (with the Pakistani band “JAL”), ‘AIDS Awareness Campaign’ 2006, Performances at El Shaadai and Sanjay High School are few shows under our belt.

8. Live Dancing: Versatile; also the pioneers of live dancing in Goa kicked it off in 2003 dancing to the tunes of renowned bands, setting footsteps for many other dance troupes to imitate the same. These shows were sell out hits as acts along with live band music thrilled the audience.

9. As an additional package we also offer Fire, African, Arabian and Goan Folk Dancers (at an additional charge).

The Ladder :

Belief, Perseverance and Hard Work are the key ingredients to success that Versatile has achieved in such a short while. They have reached heights that most dance troupes long for. They have made every breakthrough a memorable one by putting up a show beyond expectations of the audience. In the immediate year 2003, when Versatile launched their creative act which they are well known for was spotted at Varca Fete 2003 by an event manager. Versatile was immediately contacted and they got their first breakthrough – A celebrity show with the very popular “A Band Of Boys” and the rest was history.

The second step to success for Versatile came rather easily. Some would call it luck, some would call it fate, but their achievements are the rewards of their passion for dance and the determination to be the best.

Another breakthrough for Versatile came on the New Year’s Eve of 2005 where they performed at the venue Goa Marriott’s for the Grand celebration for the coming of the New Year. Versatile has always left the audience in sheer awe by displaying versatile acts of dancing. The night marked a promising year of 2005 filled with opportunities to fly higher and so they did.

One of the biggest shows of all, a dream for every dance troupe, Versatile displayed a grand performance for the delegates in the world of politics and medication for an AIDS Concert with 16 dancers performing at one time bringing each and every one present at the concert on the edge of their seats. The act that portrayed not only dancing skills but spread the awareness of AIDS, a rapidly spreading disease. Now that’s what we mean when we say Versatile’s got it all in one package.

The Pillars:

The Versatile fame was made to concrete from dreams courtesy the performers of Versatile. Thus called The Pillars. If not for the hard work and belief in their selves it would never have been possible. The young and enthusiastic blood has put their whole and soul in making these achievements possible. The dance members so called the pillars and so also the heart and soul of the dance troupe Versatile are:

(1) Edson Martins

(2) Axel D’Souza

(3) Reagan D’Souza

(4) Elvis Fernandes

The Future:

Versatile is building towards a bright future. Hard Work, Determination and Creativity have kept Versatile alive in this cut-throat competition. The acts and the obvious difference as compared to the other dance troupes has made Versatile one of the best in Goa.

The Dream:

Like every organization has its goals, aims, and objectives, so does the dance troupe Versatile. Versatile’s aims include making it possible to every prospective dancer out there in the world full of competition to realize their dream and make it a reality. Versatile plans on taking this dancing scene to the next level. Making use of every ounce of their talent for a better. To popularize dancing in Goa, around the nation and someday, around the world. This belief is as strong as that one day before the birth of Versatile and so, has one dream come true. Now it’s time for Versatile to make possible everyone else’s dream that is to be someday, as good as a dancer they would only dream to be. Versatile’s dream is to fulfill every prospective dancer’s dream and know someday, that dream will come true.